Modèles gratuits

10 templates_offline

Ten templates using local database.

6.4 Mo

10 templates_online

Ten templates using web database.

4.7 Mo

Multizone 001 - 5z.

A presentation of TV Tools by TV Tools see architecture, market and usage.

301 Mo

Immobilier 001

A real estate demonstration with external data.

1.8 Mo

Sample demo

Samples of real customers content.

172 Mo

Container sample

See how TV Tools use external data and can transform text to image.

1.2 Mo

Tourisme 001

A travel agency demonstration.

84 Mo

Sample Portrait

Demonstration in portrait mode.

22 Mo

Instructions - RTF

Instructions for import designs.

14 Mo

Interactive sample

Demonstration of interactivity, do not forget to setup options.

1.2 Mo